A 60’ semi-trad, reverse layout, bespoke designed narrowboat with shell built by Reeves
and fit-out by Heartwood Narrowboats.

This is a blog of the building and fit-out of the Narrowboat Slow Pace from base plate to launch.
The more recent postings are pictures taken during our cruising.

Twin Bed Cabin


Mulder said...

Hi Guys,
You are sooooo lucky. You have a fantastic looking boat and I do hope Slow Pace is meeting your expectations.

We too hope to purchase a Heartwood boat when I retire in 5 years as a result of looking at slow Pace on their web site.

Wish you and Slow Pace all the best for the future.

steve (at)

Slow Pace Crew said...

Thanks for kind comments about Slow Pace. We enjoy our time aboard immensely. Best of luck with your future Heartwood boat!