A 60’ semi-trad, reverse layout, bespoke designed narrowboat with shell built by Reeves
and fit-out by Heartwood Narrowboats.

This is a blog of the building and fit-out of the Narrowboat Slow Pace from base plate to launch.
The more recent postings are pictures taken during our cruising.

More paint & progress.

10 October 2008

The undercoat has now been applied and work inside the boat is progressing well.

The control panel has been fitted and awaits connection.

The galley cupboard doors are now all in palce. The ones here will be below the breakfast bar.

The fridge & microwave spaces are tested!

The sink & hob holes have been cut in the worktop template.

The bathroom tiling is almost complete.

Work on the beds continues. This double cross-over bed has drawers with further storage behind accessed by a lift up panel.

The two single beds in the 2nd bedroom are designed to have lift up tops, allowing for plenty of storage!

These wall cupboards are being built in both bedrooms.

Green to Grey and soon to be Blue!

25 September 2008

The initial coat of green primer put on by Reeves has now been covered by a few coats of grey primer.

Ian puts the final touches to the last curved galley cupboard door!