A 60’ semi-trad, reverse layout, bespoke designed narrowboat with shell built by Reeves
and fit-out by Heartwood Narrowboats.

This is a blog of the building and fit-out of the Narrowboat Slow Pace from base plate to launch.
The more recent postings are pictures taken during our cruising.

Our second trip to Reeves

21 April 2008
Starting to look more like a boat!

The stern and bow take shape

15 - 18 April 2008
The stern, bow and hull sides start to be formed. These pictures are kindly taken for us by Reeves.

The stern is lifted onto the swim.

Fabricated side plates are added.

Hull side plates being welded to base plate.

Stringers, floor bearers and temporary cross girders have been welded in position.

The shaped bow plates are fitted.
Rubbing strakes have been added.

Our first visit to Reeves

14 April 2008
We visit Reeves for the first time to see the early stages of the build and meet up with Graham, Julie & Dave who made us very welcome. The following pictures show the base plate being cut as part of the initial process to form the swim.

The base plate is laid!

W/C 7 April 2008
After much, discussion, decision making and planning the building of the shell gets underway at Reeves, our chosen boat builder. The pictures were kindly taken for us by Reeves.

The base plates!

The base plates are joined.

The stern plates are shaped into position.

The stern and first of the hull side plates are welded.

Concept drawings

A semi-trad 60' bespoke narrowboat.