A 60’ semi-trad, reverse layout, bespoke designed narrowboat with shell built by Reeves
and fit-out by Heartwood Narrowboats.

This is a blog of the building and fit-out of the Narrowboat Slow Pace from base plate to launch.
The more recent postings are pictures taken during our cruising.

Arrival at Heartwood Narrowboats

16 May 2008
We visit Heartwood Narrowboats to see the arrival of SLOW PACE.

Shell is completed!

12 - 15 May 2008
Thanks again to Reeves for taking these pictures of the final build stages.

Cabin side sheets have been added.

Semi-trad stern starts to take shape.

External view of semi-trad construction.

Windows and portholes have been cut.

Bow bulkhead just awaits the doors.

Side hatch has been cut.

Side hatch doors fitted.

The last cabin side sheet being prepared.

The final touches to the port side.

The starboard side & semi-trad stern have been completed.

Completed shell awaiting the primer!

Shell complete with green primer ready to leave the work shop.

Slow Pace is taken out into Reeves yard.

The crane has arrived at Reeves ready to load Slow Pace onto the lorry that will transport it to Heartwood Narrowboats.

Our final trip to Reeves

9 May 2008
Our fourth and final trip to Reeves. Slow Pace is nearing completion and with the roof in place is looking much more like a narrowboat.

The addition of the roof gives a true sense of the proportions.

The finished bow profile.

The roof plates welded in place and the hand rails added.

One of the team putting some finishing touches to the roof.

The roof plates with chalk marks indicating the postion and size of the cabin side windows.

Work on the bow is complete.

Forward bulkhead detail showing roof trimming still to be done.

The bow lockers will give plenty of storage.

This removable panel will give easy access to the bow thruster and it's battery.

General view of stern and sides of the boat waiting for the cabin sides to be fitted.

We now have taff rails, bollards and somewhere to put the tiller. We also have a diesel filler cap but this may need to be changed.

Stern detailing the exit of the propeller tube.

The completed engine compartment awaiting a Beta 43 Greenline.

Internal detail of the stern propeller tube.

Here are two of the team that have been working on our boat. As with all our visits, everyone were very helpful and accommodating.

The start of the cabin!

2- 8 May 2008
The fourth week of the build and the bow thruster tube is fitted, the bow well deck is in place and the cabin is starting to take shape. These pictures were kindly taken for us by Reeves.

The forward cabin bulhead is in place and the bow thruster tube has been fitted.

The bow thruster weed hatch. A second box fits inside this one to form the 'box in a box'.

The bow lockers are marked out.

Construction of the bow lockers is underway.

Acro props set our ready to support the roof frame.

Roof framework being positioned.

Five steel sheets are lined up to form the roof.

The roof panels await bending and welding.