A 60’ semi-trad, reverse layout, bespoke designed narrowboat with shell built by Reeves
and fit-out by Heartwood Narrowboats.

This is a blog of the building and fit-out of the Narrowboat Slow Pace from base plate to launch.
The more recent postings are pictures taken during our cruising.

Our engine arrives!

14 July 2008

With the ash boards fitted and bulkheads positioned, we can start to visualise the layout and make final descisions regarding sizes of wardrobes etc. We also get to see our new engine!

With the hatch covers removed, the roof & cabin sides have been given another coat of primer.

Our Beta 43 has arrived.....

.... and the Hospital Silencer!

The cables for the navigation lights & horn.

We layout our concept worktop templates - they fit!!!

With the help of a few props we plan our forward bedroom!

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Lesley and Joe K said...

Hello Stablemates
Isn't it great to see the progress? Your crew mates look as if they are pretty experienced at this boating lark - Fletcher and Floyd have yet to step paw on a boat..
NB Caxton